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            company profile

            Changzhou Nanfang Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. It is a motor design and manufacturing enterprise that adopts modern digital factory management.

            Southern Electric has always adhered to the business philosophy of "providing reliable products for the market, creating more value for society and employees, and contributing to China's industry and intelligent manufacturing", with the vision of becoming the core force in the field of reducer motors, in order to create a Competitive motor brand is the mission, strive to achieve management information, production automation, product intelligence, and create greater competitiveness!

            The company's main products are four series of special motors for reducers, special motors for cycloidal reducers, ordinary motors of national standard / IEC standard (YS series sub-horsepower motors, YE2 motors, YE3 high efficiency energy-saving motors, YEJ brake motors, YVP frequency conversion motors, YPEJ Frequency conversion brake motor, YB3 explosion-proof motor, YBBP frequency conversion explosion-proof motor and YD two-speed motor), synchronous reluctance motor system and other customized motors with special technical requirements. Products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, coal mines, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection and other industries.

            — set up



            Product Certificate

            Enterprise Honor

            Ingenuity · Innovation · Cooperation · Shared

            As long as you have a desire to work well just to get things done.
            Each of us is a craftsman.

            Continuous improvement is part of daily work.
            From management positions to frontline employees.
            Continue to surpass yesterday's self.

            Teamwork and cooperation
            Sincere cooperation and efficient operation

            Work together
            Sharing development achievements

            Business philosophy

            Provide reliable products for the market, create more value for society and employees, and contribute to China's industrial and intelligent manufacturing.

            Core ideas and values

            Create greater competitiveness.


            Become the core force in the field of reducer motors.


            Build a more competitive motor brand in China.

            Factory Appearance

            Company Partner







            HUANQIU GRAIN



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